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Graduate Feedback

Feedback from our Equine Facilitated Learning & Psychotherapy Graduates:

Amanda McCann: EFL Practitioner

“After graduating from the LEAP EFL course in 2019, I am now working with the charity Key4Life, assisting with their Prison Rehabilitation Programs. Equine Facilitative Learning forms an important part of their twelve month program designed to help youth offenders find a new path in life, through emotional resilience and greater employability  skills. I work with the horses both in the prisons pre-release and then out in the field post release.

This work is both challenging and immensely rewarding, and the EFL course has enabled me to support these clients in very positive way. I am delighted that I chose this course as it has given me an opportunity to help vulnerable people whilst working with horses, which I enjoy very much.”

Rachel Temple- EFL Practitioner

“I have found the LEAP training to be inspiring, professional and comprehensive. As a result of taking the EFL course I am continuing my studies to become a psychotherapist. It has improved my relationship with my horses , myself and my entire family! I would highly recommend the LEAP programme. My clients have experienced the life changing magic of the horse, in a safe, supportive format.”

Kate Stillman- EFP Practitioner

“Since graduating from Leap in 2019 my entire practice in Ibiza has changed, I am able to spend so much more time with the horses I adore doing the work that I love this really is a dream come true, the journey hasn’t always been easy but I am so thankful that I took the plunge!” 

Alex Gulland- EFL Practitioner

“When I look back on my EFL training experience now, I can see my life clearly divided into 2 parts —  before and after my LEAP training. After the training, which I found not only cathartic but also fascinating, I began to view things very differently.

My outlook on life in general took on a broader more positive perspective, in terms of how I connected not only with horses but also people. I set up Contented People in 2017 and since then I have worked with clients of all ages.

Each time I complete a session with the horses and my clients, I am always amazed how much I have actually learnt from the horses. Every session I run with a client,  is a lesson for me. I never stop learning.”

Kate Ensor- EFL Practitioner

“I graduated as an EFL with LEAP in April 2017 and have spend the last 3 years building a values driven business HERD, Human Equine Realised Development, with my companion, colleague and fellow LEAP graduate Kylie Morrison. As a coach and learning and development professional with a lifelong love of horses, the LEAP EFL training has give me an ethical and credible way to blend my passion for supporting personal development with the wisdom and insight of horse.”

Kylie Morrison- EFL Practitioner

“The competence I realised, the clarity I developed, what I grew into and the confidence I gained from training with the LEAP Team Sarah Watson and Jo-Anne Karlsson and what I was able to do post graduation; I created my own successful Equine Facilitated Learning Practice here in Luxembourg and blended that with my Therapeutic Practice and Coaching Practice.  I have completed hundreds of hours in support of others.  I am now being my authentic self and I live my life’s purpose everyday!

I am part of a genuine community of committed professionals, who really care and collaborate to create and support a better version of you and everyone in the community.  I have achieved a dream of having my own successful business, with my business partner at HERD (Kate Ensor Founder of Realise) my amazing equines and clients. Eternally grateful to LEAP for their support.”

Loes Koorenhof – Senior EFP Practitioner

Loes graduated with LEAP in 2017 and founded Equilore in Oxfordshire which she now runs full time. When she started the LEAP training, she had one horse on a livery yard, but since qualifying she rents a small yard locally and works together with 4 equine colleagues providing EFP 1:1 and group sessions. Her clients are mostly self-referred, but she also has connections with social workers, schools, charities and other therapists locally.

‘It was a tough decision to make to abandon my career in academia, which I had worked hard for. However, I wouldn’t change it for the world now. I feel that together with the horses I am able to make direct impact on the lives of my clients. I can see how helpful this work is for them and I enjoy every second of it!’