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Equine Facilitated Approach with Addiction

LEAP have many years' experience of providing therapeutic programmes for individuals, families, young people and groups, who suffer from addiction, eating disorders and depression. Our programmes are facilitated by EFP specialists and Horse professionals alongside the horses. LEAP Equine, 2020

Why do Addiction Counsellors like working with Horses and Humans suffering from addiction?

For reasons we fully understand and empathise with, people suffering from addiction, eating disorders and depression can find it hard to engage and be motivated. Their defence mechanisms and negative survival patterns such as sabotage, manipulation, dishonesty and falseness can occur, rather than letting themselves appear vulnerable . None of this works with horses – in order for a relationship to develop, each person needs to start to find their authentic self, for the horses to respond positively.

Values of Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy and addiction

  • the safety of all participants, human and animal;
  • respect for all;
  • the courage to try new things without judging the outcome;
  • cooperation and negotiation with others;
  • personal growth and learning;
  • balancing consistency and flexibility;
  • responsibility;

We believe that through the process of building relationships with animals and the natural environment, an individual can come to know themselves better. This process also allows individuals to develop and improve communication with others and to manage the expression of feelings with greater clarity.

Goals for Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy and addiction

  • discover and nurture strengths, interests and talents;
  • support effort toward change
  • establish consistent and stable relationships
  • improve interpersonal skills
  • enhance self-worth and empowerment
  • identify and develop individual learning styles
  • gain knowledge, communication and copying skills through experiences

Our Senior Therapeutic Team have extensive experience in working in the field of Trauma and Addiction. Not just in Private Practise but also running EFP Programmes within treatment centres and Rehabs. We continue to do a lot of client work in this field but also offer training courses specific to Therapeutic Communities and and Rehab settings, contact us for further information.