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LEAP EFL Practitioner Training Programme

The first step in training as an EFL practitioner is to come along to a 1-day LEAP Introduction to EFP/L Workshop. Participating in this workshop is a pre-requisite to training with LEAP, regardless of prior EFL experience, as it provides an opportunity to experience EFL from a client's point-of-view before stepping into the role of practitioner. 

The current LEAP EFL Practitioner Training Programme consists of two taught modules of four days each, with a 5-8 month period of independent study, supervised practice and independent learning between the two modules. The programme is designed for those who intend to pursue EFL (equine facilitated learning) as a career.

Applicants for EFL training with LEAP come from all walks of life and must demonstrate a wish to work with people in a helping capacity. EFL requires some experience in and capacity for working with horses, although opportunites for gaining additional experience are provided alongside the training where needed. No specific qualifications in horsecare or horsemanship are required, although a horsemanship assessment is required as part of the training.

Training groups are kept small in order to facilitate a thorough and personal experience for each trainee.

Key to our approach at LEAP is the concept of a creative, living model that allows each practitioner to adapt and develop the model according to their clients’ needs and their own strengths and talents as a practitioner. It is our experience that if a model is too strictly adhered to (if a model becomes a system), the individual needs of the client can be missed. Alongside teaching the model, we will therefore be focusing on developing each trainee's facilitation skills and exploring what each individual might uniquely bring to the work.

In 2017 there will be two EFL Practitioner Training Programme groups, one taking place near Reading, Berkshire and one in Rosliston, Derbyshire.

Group 1 (Derbyshire)  FULL

11th - 14th May 2017

14th - 17th October 2017

Group 2 (Reading)

30th Sep - 3rd Oct 2017

19th - 22nd April 2018


If you would like further information on training with LEAP, to receive an application and to book onto an introductory workshop please contact us on 0776 0776 500 or email info@leapequine.com



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Please call 0776 0776 500 or email info@leapequine.com for further details.