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Our courses are delivered by the LEAP Training Team:


Jo-Anne Karlsson MSc MBPsP, NBCC, LCDC, PG Cert, LEAP

Director and Senior EFP/L Practitioner

Jo-Anne Karlsson is the Owner and Director of LEAP and is a key member of the Senior Therapeutic Team.  Jo-Anne is a Systemic and Solution Focused Family Therapist and Addiction Counselor gaining her qualification in the United States of America; as well as a Clinical Supervisor having qualified from Derby University.  Jo-Anne began her career at the Child Institute of Mental Health in London researching the Autism Spectrum but then went on to be a mother of three step-children and having two of her own, before returning to studying Family Therapy.  Jo-Anne is also a National Certified Counselor in the State of Illinois and an experienced EFL/P practitioner since 2012 having practiced in the USA, Singapore and the UK in residential, community and private environments.
Jo-Anne was among the first graduates of the LEAP EFP/L Practitioner Training Programme and now runs her own successful private practice in and around Berkshire. Having a mixed herd of ex-polo and rescue ponies, Jo-Anne allows the herd to have a choice of who and how they work with individuals, with the majority of clients being young people aged between 8 and 24 years of age.  Jo-Anne has a postgraduate qualification in clinical supervision and is interested in studying a Ph.D. in Psychotherapy and Philosophy, specialising in Trauma issues and adolescence.  

www.beat-uk.com            www.jkassociatestherapy.com                           

email: info@beat-uk.com

Sarah Watson BSc (Hons), MBA, MSc, PG Cert, SMACCPH, MBACP, LEAP

Programme Director and Senior EFP/L Practitioner

Sarah worked for many years in blue chip organisations providing change programmes and coaching for management teams. She was in a world-class procurement change team for Rolls Royce PLC and was involved in delivering business plan development and strategic sourcing globally. She has negotiated multi-million-pound global contracts within a complex multi-vendor environment, understanding this complexity allows her to work with a variety of national and global organisations providing leadership development. She uses her own equine therapy centre at Life on Dreams to offer unique leadership development, change management and business strategy development in a truly immersive and unique experience.

Sarah has also ran a successful procurement consultancy and worked for a number of global organisations including Vodafone, Rolls Royce PLC, E-on, Northcliffe Media, Associated News including the Daily Mail. Her work at Vodafone saw her shortlisted for a Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply Chain (CiPS) award. During this time, she was able to train with some world-class horsemen and subsequently went on to train in Horse Accelerated Transformation (HAT) with HorseJoy, which set her up to integrate strategic skills with a horse-focused leadership development programme.

While completing her MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy, Sarah studied with LEAP as an Equine Facilitated Psychotherapist (EFP) and after graduating with a distinction, she went on to launch Life on Dreams Limited.

Life on Dreams is a fulfilment of her dream, to create a specialist centre offering well-being services in South Derbyshire and Staffordshire. Working with corporate leaders including CIOs and Company Directors, adults and young people struggling with anxiety, stress, depression, PTSD, addiction and trauma, Sarah has cumulated thousands of clinical practice hours.

In 2016, Sarah joined the LEAP senior training team where she is able to bring her experience as a coach and psychotherapist into the experiential training offered by LEAP for those wishing to become EFP and EFL Practitioners.  She is responsible for co-running the EFL training programme, the Level 5 Diploma in Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy: the LEAP Method and supervising trainees and LEAP Practitioners.  She co-created the Addiction CPD course with Mike Delaney and is passionate about developing new course and material for LEAP.

She has over 40 years' experience with horses, initially training with the British Horse Society and working as a Freelance instructor, competing in eventing and show jumping in her spare time.  She later moved into horsemanship, which is still the foundation to her approach to working with her therapy herd. She competes in British Dressage and is a member of the Friesian Horse Association of GB and Ireland (FHAGBI) Quadrille team. 


email: sarah@lifeondreams.com

Lisa Bruin

International Horsemanship Trainer and Instructor

Lisa has spent her life working with horses; she has travelled worldwide working and training with some of the world's top horsemen. She has trained and spent time with Ray HuntLeslie DesmondPhil RodeyPhilip Nye and Steve Halfpenny.

Lisa teaches our Horsemanship courses and offers a relational way to work with our horses. The emphasis of her teaching is to create an understanding between horse and practitioner, developing trust and confidence right from the start. Alongside teaching with LEAP, Lisa helps people with difficult horses and youngsters and teaches clinics across the UK and Europe. She has competed internationally in Cowboy Dressage and was in the GB Working Equitation Team in 2018 with her little quarter horse Skeeter. 

Lisa's passion for horses is evident in all her work and our trainees have all learned a lot from her teaching, learning about relationship, leadership, feel, timing, equine body language and much more. 


email: lisa@lisabruin.com 


Ella Jones BA(Hons), MA, PG Dip, UKCP, HEAL

Co-Founder and Senior EFP/L Practitioner

Ella Jones is a co-founder of the LEAP Model of EFP/L, she created the Ofqual-regulated Level 5 Diploma in EFP- LEAP Method, which remains the only regulated and recognised EFP training in the UK specifically designed for mental health professionals. 

Ella is a psychotherapist and experienced EFP/L practitioner for both individuals and groups. Ella is a graduate of the HEAL (Human Equine Alliance for Learning) facilitator training program in Washington State, USA. Ella holds a Masters Degree in Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy, a Diploma in Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy and has a private psychotherapy practice in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire.

Ella co-facilitated the ground-breaking LEAP 'Code Breakers' Programme (now known as the LEAP ‘Care’ Programme), a programme specifically designed to meet the needs of young offenders and vulnerable young people. Ella also sees clients of all ages on a one-to-one basis and has a particular interest in EFP/L as a therapy for trauma. 

Ella has been involved with horses since childhood and competed extensively as a young person in the US and UK. As a young adult she worked professionally as a horse trainer, specialising in starting young horses and rehabilitating traumatised horses. She has an active interest in natural horsemanship methods and incorporates an ethos of partnership, relatedness and gentle leadership into her EFP/L sessional work and trainings. Ella has a teaching background in Steiner/Waldorf education and is mother of two. She is passionate about the horse-human bond and the healing that can be achieved for both parties through authentic connection.

In 2019, Ella decided to step back from the training team to focus on her private practice and having space to create new material, she remains a key member of the senior therapeutic team.

email: ellajonestherapy@gmail.com 


Mike Delaney MBACP

Co-Founder and Senior EFP/L Practitioner

Mike Delaney is a co-founder of LEAP and the LEAP EFP/L Model and helped create the Ofqual-regulated Level 5 Diploma in EFP- LEAP Method, which remains the only regulated and recognised EFP training in the UK specifically designed for mental health professionals.

Mike is one of the leading practitioners of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy in the UK and a pioneer in innovative, highly successful treatment methods. Mike gives talks and presents papers on EFP/L in the UK and abroad, including a presentation of a LEAP research paper to the Royal College of Psychiatrists Conference around the efficacy of EFP for young people who have experienced childhood sexual trauma.

Mike is a Mental Health/Addictions Specialist with over 35 years' experience working with individuals, rehabilitation centres and professional bodies in the UK and internationally. He had a successful career for twenty years as a Registered Nurse Manager and CPN within Mental Health/Learning Disability services and since undergoing treatment for his own addictions in 1996, he has specialised in a range of issues including addictive behaviours, young people who have suffered sexual trauma, co-dependency and relationships.

Over the last fifteen years Mike has managed several facilities including Barley Wood in Bristol and the Addictive Behaviour Centre in Birmingham. He has also been responsible for project managing and developing two new treatment facilities, Silkworth Lodge in Jersey in 2002 and Stepps in Gloucestershire in 2004. Until 2008 he was Group Clinical Director of The Stepping Stones Group, a large healthcare organisation for adults with Learning Disabilities and Mental Health issues. Since then he has had a successful private practice in Gloucestershire and Harley Street, London and has provided training for a number of organisations including Veterans Aid in London and is a Director of Pathways Supported Housing in Weston-super-Mare.

In recovery himself from addiction to alcohol and drugs, Mike has had first-hand experience of the devastating effects of addiction on an individual and their loved ones.  He is passionate about using his vast practical and theoretical expertise to help others succeed in recovery, whether it be from alcohol, drugs, depression, sex, co-dependency, food or gambling.

In 2019, Mike decided to step back from the training team to focus on his private practice in Scotland and his new ventures in addiction treatment. He remains a key member of the senior therapeutic team.





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