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LEAP works with two therapy herds, at our sites in Berkshire and Derbyshire. With such a large family of horses it would be impossible to include them all in this section, so we will showcase a couple.

Flicker is a shetland x quarter horse, she lives with her brother Prince as part of the therapy herd in Berkshire. She is a cheeky and fun loving pony, joining the herd in 2017, she has become a firm favourite with the young people she works with. She likes to challenge boundaries and her latest trick is to empty the tipi of its contents!
Beau is a 13-year-old Friesian, he came to us in 2016. He'd not lived naturally in a herd environment so took a little time to adjust to outdoor living! He's a large but peaceful presence, he helps clients who are struggling with change and supports them in looking at different coping strategies. 




We have been privileged to work with some amazing horses over the years, some are no longer with us but their impact is still very present in our work we do:

Our venues are dedicated therapeutic centres, which means the horses are kept in a way that keeps them happy and healthy for their work with people, and they get lots of peace and quiet too.

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