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LEAP works with three therapy herds, in Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Derbyshire. With such a large family of horses it would be impossible to include them all in this section, so we will showcase a 'Horse of the Month'. Check back often!!


Milo is a beautiful, gentle, eight-year-old thoroughbred. He has been with us since he was five, and has won the hearts of many with his gentle heart and loving ways. He has clearly had some rough handling at some point in his life, but through EFP/L work he has learned to trust people again and has held many people through profound healing journeys. 


All our venues are dedicated therapeutic centres, which means the horses are kept in a way that keeps them happy and healthy for their work with people, and they get lots of peace and quiet too.

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5 Minute Video Intro to EAP

Project funded by Children in Need

Please call 0776 0776 500 or email info@leapequine.com for further details.