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Our Team:

LEAP has a team of qualified professional EFP and EFL practitioners, consisting of our senior theraputic and training team, as well as a network of over 90 LEAP graduates offering EFP/L services across the country. Our Senior Practitioners have been qualified for at least 2 years and have over 300 clinical hours with clients. We also have Senior Practitioners and Supervisors who have been accepted as a Senior Practitioner and have completed a Level 6 qualification in Clinical Supervision, they provide mentoring and supervision for the EFP/L Practitioners in the LEAP Network, to ensure we can provide a quality and professional service to our clients groups. 

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What makes us unique?

LEAP was set up in 2006 by Sam Quinlan as a charity and the key programme that Sam, Mike and Ella worked on was a project with Children in Need. This programme was working with children and teenagers who had been abused and it ran for just over a year, highlighting to the team of the need for high quality and professional training in this emerging area of work. The LEAP model was developed shortly afterwards and is an integrative approach, developed through over 1000 client hours and clinical practise. It has been influenced by the work of Barbara Rector, HEAL, Eagala & Epona (all USA based training and approaches), as our Senior Therapeutic Team trained initially in these approaches as there wasn't a UK based model available. 

The model includes active and reflective exercises, and it can be tailored to meet the needs of different clients groups or for individual needs and ages. The key to the model is the concept of a creative, living model that each practitioner can adapt and develop according to their clients' needs, and their own strengths and talents as a Practitioner. LEAP is unique in that we also consider the horses to be therapists in their own right rather than a 'tool' for the therapist; they're also given the choice and freedom in the work they do or choose not to do. The physical and emotional welfare of the horse is paramount, as is the selection of appropriate horses for a therapeutic herd.

At our dedicated centres in Derby and Reading, we have two established therapeutic herds of all shapes and sizes. We have horses and ponies who range in age from 3 years to 27 years and who are all kept as naturally as possible. 

The first step towards becoming a LEAP Practitioner is to complete an Introduction to EFP/L Workshop, you can find out more by clicking here . This is a one day experential workshop where you experience some of the exercises in the LEAP Model as a client would, there is the opportunity to speak with the Senior Therapeutic Team to find out more about the training and which of our courses would most suit your needs. 


The LEAP approach is NOT one size fits all!

Depending on the needs and presenting issues of an individual or client group, we will work with you to choose the practitioner or therapeutic team that will suit your needs.





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5 Minute Video Intro to EAP

Project funded by Children in Need

Please call 0776 0776 500 or contact us for further details.