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Our Team

Leap has a team of qualified EFP and EFL practitioners, made up of our senior theraputic team as well as a network of LEAP graduates offering EFP/L services across the country. We also have a network of associates who have been essential to the development of LEAP and lend their particular area of expertise to our work where needed. 


We consider our horses to be therapists in their own right, and they are given choice and freedom in the work they do. 

        Human and horse together form the therapeutic team.

The LEAP approach is NOT one size fits all!

Depending on the needs and presenting issues of an individual or client group, we will work with you to choose the therapeutic team that will suit your needs.



Contact Us

0776 0776 500


5 Minute Video Intro to EAP

Project funded by Children in Need

Please call 0776 0776 500 or email info@leapequine.com for further details.