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Philippa Williams, founder of Equine Enlightenment and a LEAP Senior Practitioner and Clinical Supervisor has some fabulous news…. 

The LEAP® Method is to be published in a book for the first time!







Whilst studying the ‘Psychology of Emotion’ module of her degree, Philippa stumbled across the equine assisted therapy and learning research literature. Having had a fulfilling professional career as a horsewoman, she couldn’t believe the potential to combine her love for Equines and Psychology.  Following this, Philippa bought Kay Trotter’s first book: ‘Equine Assisted Counselling’.  This spurred her on to seek out EFP training, which led her to LEAP® in 2014.  

Kay Sudekum-Trotter contacted Philippa in 2017 to invite her to be an author for a chapter on trauma in her new book. Philippa says she was ‘astonished and beyond excited’.  Kay was aware of Philippa’s work and wanted her to contribute to the book along with other established practitioners from around the globe. A very special task, given that Trotter’s book was the first Philippa read on the subject!

Philippa’s doctoral research is on trauma and the body. She incorporates some of this theory, along with neurological processes, discussing cognitive top down therapy versus bottom up equine therapy, in the chapter: ‘Working with relational trauma: limbic restructuring through equine facilitated psychotherapy.’  This chapter marries elements of the LEAP® model with evidence-based psychological, social and neurological theories. The book offers practitioners working with trauma a rich insight into different EFP models and exercises which could be incorporated into their work.

The book can be purchased via this link, to receive 20% off your copy, please the code: FLR40.


Equine Enlightenment is launching two new CPD models next year for practitioners working within the EFP/L industry who seek to enrich and offer fresh evidence-based ideas to their practice. Philippa is also currently working on a Clinical Supervision paper for publication with the University of Derby, which encompasses evidence-based theory and practice for application as an EFP/L supervision model. Trainings for this will also be running late 2019/20. 

 For more information please email: info@equineenlightenment.co.uk   www.equineenlightenment.co.uk

Congratulations Philippa from the LEAP team!


JUNE 2018

LEAP North-West:

Vicky Millward, Managing Director of ROAR (Reach out and Recover a not for profit support in the community organisation) and one of our current students has let us know the following:

"It is with great delight we can say ROAR has won the Queens Award for Voluntary Services which is equivalent to an MBE for Volunteer groups. It is amazing recognition for all the hard work of our team and volunteers and the amazing difference they make to people's lives and the community.  We attended the Queens Garden Party on the 31st of May where we saw the Queen, Prince Phillip and other royals.

ROAR is a not for profit CIC started up in 2014 to support people who may have been homeless, in addiction and mental health, to turn their lives around. I founded ROAR in 2014, we were founded on volunteers and still to this day rely on volunteers to help us shape and grow ROAR into the place it is today. We provide a 2 year support package, which consists of offering people a safe, secure place to live, structure, workshops and a sense of belonging, love, care and support in order for people to start believing in themselves. This is split into two parts, the first step which is 6 months, 24 hour supported and Next Step which is 18 months shared living.  Our ethos on setting up was for people to see the person and not the addict, to remove labels. We have a very high success rate; people back with their families, children have their parents back and parents have their children back. Volunteering within the community, giving back, at college, off long term benefits, in employment and in their own homes; but most of all people who were once lost, now happy, positive and achieving in life." 

Congratulations to Vicky and her team for their fantastic achievement!

LEAP South-East:

Alex Gulland, EFL Practitioner at Contented People, has recently been interviewed by Martin Harris of Essex Radio regarding her EFL Practice.  You can get the link here:


Essex Matters: Equine Facilitated Learning



LEAP Midlands:

Maggie Falconer-Drew-Taylor and Ivan Broad have recently set up a CIC (Community Interest Company) called SCEAP - Staffordshire and Cheshire Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, which officially started on 9th February, welcoming their first client to Great Eaves Farm the same day.  They have started a pilot scheme with a local academy for young people not in mainstream education.

They have also secured a pilot scheme to work with Tatton Park Farm, using their Clydesdales to help a group with Alzheimers disease and are talking to Action for Children to provide a service to their young people.

Very recently they have had news that they are to receive an Awards for All bid for starting SCEAP.

To quote Maggie:   'Our faces are hurting from smiling so much. Happy, happy days'! 

Congratulations to Maggie and Ivan!


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