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LEAP Midlands Team:

Taster Day for Art Therapists!

In September, Danielle Mills and Beverly Wheeler ran an experiential EFP day for the British Association of Art Therapists for their Creative Art Therapists day.

The day was hosted by Derby College Equestrian Centre who are very supportive of the work we do, we even had their feline members joining the fun!

The main topics of focus were:

- Why horses?

- How can horses add depth to the therapeutic space?

- How can we incorporate creativity into equine therapy?

The aim was to gain:

- Reflective and active experiences with horses

- Practical insight into the field of EFP/L

- Profound and personal experiences for self- reflection and personal growth.

Feedback was that the content and facilitation was very good, that the facilitators were very knowledgable and were able to share this knowledge at a level that the delegates could engage with. Delegates were pleased to have had some insight into EFP/L but also to gain greater understanding of horses as a whole. 





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