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Autism and Learning Disabilities

"Equine Led Therapy for Clients with Learning Difficulties and Autism"

Our clients present a wide spectrum of disabilities, therefore it has been essential that we can offer a varied programme that enables all our clients to benefit from spending time with horses.

Three areas we have developed include:-

Riding: -
Therapeutically this offers our clients the ability to feel connected, focussed and for them to benefit from movement, which helps to improve general muscle tone whilst riding. We often experience our clients showing raised levels of confidence, energy and enthusiasm providing the perfect opportunity for them to connect more confidently and appropriately within their social environment.

Equine Assisted Learning: -
Through our clients working with the horses in a varying range of activities, we see many positive outcomes including motivation, understanding, the learning of new ways to communicate what they like or dislike, how they feel, new skills, self awareness and not to forget, for some of our clients the most important is non verbal communication. The activities are simple and safe, such as leading a horse, grooming a horse and as their confidence and abilities build, so too do the activities.

Touch: -
Horses do touch every one they meet at whatever level of involvement and for some it may only be to just touch and hug and love, but the power of just this is enough for all of us to feel connected, safe, held and motivated. Providing an opportunity for all our clients to benefit from horses.

All our Equine led programmes are facilitated by mental health professionals and Horse Specialists

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